Modustri is a comprehensive heavy equipment undercarriage measurement and management solution.

The first in a line of products to be launched is the Modustri HDE Suite.
Designed for the heavy equipment industry to simplify and improve accuracy
of the undercarriage inspection process, it is the only complete mobile
undercarriage inspection solution in the market today.



Undercarriage related expenses represent up to 50% of an equipped machine’s lifetime costs,

yet the inspection process is notoriously time-consuming, inaccurate and inefficient. Well, no more clipboards and calculators! The Modustri HDE Suite eliminates the challenges by simplifying undercarriage field inspections and putting the power to create value in your hands. The WMD (wear measurement device) clips to an iPad mini and seamlessly links with the HDE Inspection Application, HDE Inspection Manager (web portal) and Modustri database. The combined capabilities streamline the inspection and sales processes from start to finish.


How the HDE Suite Delivers Value

Provides accurate measurements
every time. Keeps historical records for
a deep and precise analysis of
equipment performance.
Field-testing has shown a 50% reduction
in inspection time affording you more
time to conduct more inspections, which
lead to more opportunities.
immediate-results-iconIMMEDIATE RESULTS
E-mail inspection results to you
customers directly from the HDE
Inspection Application and sync in
real-time with the HDE Inspection
Manager so the office can generate
a quote ASAP.
More detail and more accurate results
equal greater insight into and control
over the undercarriage lifecycle and
associated costs. Generates reports
dynamically and in real-time for
sharing with management and sales
Utilizing intelligence gathered directly
from inspectors and sales reps, we
paired it with best user experience
practices to assure all Modustri HDE
products are intuitive and easy to use.
Seamlessly integrates with your
database system to import and
auto-populate existing data into
appropriate fields. The platform
can be customized specific to
your company.
HDE Delivers

A cloud database and Application Programming Interface (API) make it all possible. The API automatically feeds customer provided wear tables for numerous makes and models, accurately providing wear percentages based upon real-time measurements. The API is the communications highway linking everything together and assuring simplified integration with existing database systems.

HDE Suite Products


  • First ultrasonic device to integrate with a mobile device
    and take live streaming measurements
  • Snaps onto and connects via Bluetooth with an iPad mini
  • Simplified to meet your needs
  • Takes measurements in one easy step
  • Rugged to withstand your work conditions
  • Long battery life for extended use
  • Rechargeable anywhere
  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • Includes power and connectivity indicator lights
  • Includes built-in couplant holder

Inspection Application

  • Collects data in the field on or offline – no internet
    connection required
  • Provides accurate locations of and directions to job
    sites and machines
  • Documents job site and machine conditions
    with photographs
  • Reduces inspection time and improves accuracy
  • Allows you to send inspection reports whenever you’re online
  • Puts the office in your hands with built-in wear tables,
    historical inspection data, scheduling and routing
  • Replaces your laptop, clipboard, calculator and reference
  • Syncs to the HDE Inspection Manager and keeps you
    connected to the office
HDE Inspection Application

Inspection Manager

  • Keeps you in sync with the office
  • Provides access to customer and fleet information in one easy place
  • Allows the office to generate quotes as soon as an inspection is complete
  • Keeps historical records for a comprehensive understanding of equipment performance
  • Allows for anticipation of customer needs
  • Generates robust inspection reports
  • Dispatch features allow you to assign inspections, manage progress and performance and generate reports on your KPIs


Future Industries

Modustri has applications across a multitude of industries
requiring precise measurements and inspection data.

INFRASTRUCTURECONSTRUCTIONOur mobile platform offers convenience while also simplifying and improving the inspection and quote processes. For end-customers, this allows for effective planning of repairs and / or part replacement, which means less downtime. For dealers, this means a greater focus on customer needs and leads to sales opportunities before the competition arrives.
TRANSPORTATIONTRANSPORTATIONUltrasonic technology is widely used in weld inspections and defect testing on auto bodies, engines, rails, rail cars, ships and propulsion systems. Inspection and wear prediction is essential to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.
INFRASTRUCTUREINFRASTRUCTUREPublic infrastructure assets range from transportation structures to energy, water management and communications. Whether you’re inspecting a bridge, power plant or undersea cable, our platform can help extend the life of aging systems and mitigate the costs and challenges of repairs.
Future Industries

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